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The final project I produced as part of my User Experience Design Masters degree that received a distinction classification

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DayPland is a lifestyle app that allows users to discover activities, plan days out and share with their friends.

Design process


We identified the frustrations for SME businesses in creating carbon accounting reports


From user flows to low fidelity to prototypes to a full flow interactive prototype ready to test


User testing sessions to validate our ideas and assumptions to continue improving for users

Introducing DayPland

DayPland is a native application that gives young adults in London all the tools they need to find things to do and plan days out within any restrictions they may have whether that is budget, location or time. Using innovative discovery and planning features; finding things to do and planning a day out stops being a chore and becomes a fun activity.


Market research took place during this project’s proposal phase. The main discoveries of this were:

  • Young adults in London are struggling with an ongoing cost of living crisis caused by Brexit, recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and government sanctions against Russia for the war in the Ukraine.
  • Young adults in London struggled not being to socialise and do things during the covid-19 pandemic so want to make up for lost time now restrictions are lifted.
  • Young adults in London struggle from fear of missing out due to increased use in Social Media.

My role

As this was my final project for my user experience masters degree I was responsible for all elements of this project. This started from market research in which I produced a questionnaire on the problem area and shared with my personal network. Using the findings of that I then conducted user interviews with a select number of individuals. All of the design work was then produced by myself including personas, user flows, low fidelity prototypes and high fidelity prototypes. Finally I conducted and analysed multiple rounds of user testing and iterated on the prototype.

The onboarding collects user information that improves the experience of the app.

Discovery is where users can find new things to do and days out planned by other users.

The day planner allows users to select their requirements for a day and generate a new plan.

The you page is where the user can access their saved activities and days out.

A marketing website was produced to promote the app concept.

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